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Tear Trough Treatment

The procedure involves injecting a low-density dermal filler into the area under the eye, known as the tear trough or dark circles, which can give an aged and tired appearance. With the natural aging process, this area experiences orbital fat pad thinning and loss of surrounding bone structure, resulting in a hollowed appearance under the eyes.

Filling the Sub-orbicularis oculi orbital fat pad (SOOF) with dermal filler leads to immediate results, offering rejuvenated, fresh-looking eyes and facial appearance.This simple and effective procedure allows patients to rejuvenate their appearance without surgery.

Before the treatment, local anesthetic cream is applied to the under eyes, ensuring minimal discomfort during the minimally invasive approach. At Tiara Aesthetics, we prioritize safety and precision by utilizing the latest microcannula techniques for tear-trough filler.

By avoiding needles and employing microcannulas, which are blunt-tipped instruments, we minimize the risks of vessel damage around the eye.
This approach ensures smoother navigation through the tissue layers of the skin, mitigating the risk of puncturing any vessels in the area.

Tear Trough Filler

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Exceptional Quality

ImmediateLasts 1-2 years

Treatment Time
20 minutes


48 hours


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