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Full Facial Rejuvenation

Full facial rejuvenation, sometimes termed the liquid facelift, is one of our most popular treatments at the clinic.

All faces and face shapes are different, and as such, we all age differently. However, there is a distinct pattern to this process, with volume loss in the mid-face and under-eye area, as well as the formation of nose-to-mouth lines, nasolabial fat pad hypertrophy, and retaining ligament laxity leading to jowling.

The full facial rejuvenation is carefully tailored by our AWARD-WINNING cosmetic doctors using their expert aesthetic eye to determine which areas of your face need volume replacement, ligament tightening, and fat pad blending. In the clinic, we assess your face and discuss the signs of aging, tailoring a bespoke treatment plan. The treatment encompasses various densities and types of dermal filler being precisely placed into the key target areas of the face to refresh, rejuvenate, and add youth to the whole face.

The results are instant and very natural, typically lasting 2-3 years with only minimal maintenance needed afterward to keep the results up.

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Exceptional Quality

Lasts 2-3 years

Treatment Time
20 minutes


48 hours


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By conducting a bespoke assessment, our skilled medical doctors identify your unique facial characteristics and concerns. With a focus on precision, we utilise small amounts of filler, strategic placement, addressing your specific needs to achieve a naturally  harmonious outcome.

Your aesthetic journey deserves nothing less than personalised, expert care.

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