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Whether you are seeking to improve your skin health, signs of ageing or body confidence, our team of experts are here to ensure you get the most from your treatments with us. We only use the highest quality products which have gone through all the appropriate regulatory and approval testing for use in the UK and are CE marked.

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Welcome to Tiara Aesthetics

Before we try to answer all your questions, simply experience the patient journey in our clinics through a lens. Enjoy the warm welcome by Harpreet, who will then take you step by step through the patient appointment process. 

This may help to address some of your questions. 

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Booking an Appointment

All our new patients are advised to book an online consultation first. 
Our practitioners are experts in their field and will help you defin
e your treatment goals and to develop a personalised treatment plan. This will ensure that you get the most from your treatments with us. 

We advise if it’s your first time considering any aesthetic treatment please complete our online consultation form. Our doctors will review/assess your photos and email you with personalised medical feedback of suitable treatment(s), procedure details, cost, along with before and after images of similar treatments/cases treated in our clinics. The next step will be to book you in for a face to face consultation and treatment post by our doctors. The minimum age for these procedures is 18 years old. "Click for a free online consultation now"

Alternatively, If you wish to book in for a face t
o face consultation appointment this can be booked on our website (please complete our contact us form), over the phone Tel: 07379027375 or via Email: 

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We take a £50 deposit for all appointments upon booking. This deposit can be redeemed toward the cost of treatment on the day or can be refunded/transferred to another slot, provided that you give us at least 48-hours’ notice of cancellation or rescheduling an appointment. The £50 deposit is taken as a consultation fee if no treatment is carried out on the day.

Our consulta
tion and treatment process is simple but very thorough to ensure the best experience in our clinics. The stages can be simplified into the following steps:

1. Consultation
2. Consent
3. Skin preparation/numbing
4. Treatment/ Procedure
5. Aftercare instructions and guidance

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We know that the best way to ensure that our patients get the most from their journey with us, is to enable patients to become experts in their condition or treatment. Our team and doctors aim to provide you with the latest knowledge so that you feel empowered to make the right choice for you. During your consultation, we will discuss aspects of physiology, research, best practice guidelines and our expert experience in the field. We will also provide you with an individual treatment plan and information about each treatment. This will give you a clear idea of what we can offer you, the results that can be achieved, the maintenance of these results and the costs. 

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We deliver safe and effective treatments to all our patients, and focus on providing our patients with appropriate information that will help them make an informed decision about their treatment.
At your treatment appointment, our patient co-ordinator will provide you with information to read regarding treatments. Your practitioner will then talk you through this treatment and answer any questions you may have. If you are happy to proceed with the treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form that states that you have read and understood the information we have given you.

Medical cosmetic consultation



For hyaluronidase injection (dissolving hyaluronic acid dermal fillers), the patch-test is carried out 15-20 minutes prior to treatment or carried out on the area and you are instructed to stay in clinic for a short while, by the doctor to be monitored. For other treatments such as botulinum toxin injection or dermal filler treatment and anyone previously undergone dissolving with hyalase, a patch-test is not required.

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It is our clinic policy not to encourage treatments to be done at your first consultation with us. It is important that you have time to understand and absorb the information that we provide you with, and that you do not feel rushed to make a quick decision about treatment.
We can carry out treatments the same day for patients who are happy and well informed. 
Prior to
the procedure we will:
- Ask you to remove any makeup on the area using our wipes provided.
- Apply prescription strength numbing cream on the area and allow this to absorb. 
- Clean and sterilise the area being treated with chlorhexidine solution to minimise any risk of infections.
- Draw/ landmark the areas being treated (doctors choice)
- Carry out the procedure using small needles/cannula device as per area being treated
- Allow the patient to see the changes and discuss any changes or questions regarding the area being treated



Our clinic policy is that all patients are photographed pre- and post-treatment for consent purposes. These photographs are for your confidential file and are not used for marketing purposes. The photographs that we take along your treatment journey serve as a useful tool in assessing the effectiveness of treatment. If you would like a copy of your treatment photographs, please ask the practitioners on the day, they will be happy to send these to you. We cannot email or send these over to you.

In some cases, patients may be happy for us to film or photograph parts of their treatment for use on social media, on our website or as part of clinic marketing materials. If you are happy for us to use your photos, consent is given by marking the appropriate boxes on the consent form in clinic. Please ask one of our team members if unsure or in doubt on the day.

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Our team and patient coordinator want to make you feel supported throughout your treatment journey with us. After your treatment, we provide an aftercare advice & leaflet to you with useful information about how to look after the treated area. We also provide an on call help number to answer any concerns/questions and can offer any comprehensive follow-ups after your treatment, within certain timeframes.

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