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Filler Dissolving (Hyalase)

Dermal Fillers can be dissolved with the use of an enzyme medication called Hyaluronidase or Hyalase, which is often termed "filler dissolver". It works by breaking down the dermal filler almost instantly or over the course of 2-3 days to soften down areas of unwanted dermal filler or filler complications. It is most commonly used cosmetically to correct Lip lumps or overfilled lips which look asymmetrical or unattractive. It is also used for correcting overfilled or lumpy tear trough fillers as well as overfilled or asymmetrical/ bumpy/ irregular cheek fillers.

It works by breaking down the cross linked hyaluronic acid molecules and dissolving the filler down and leading to absorption and excretion of the HA molecules. At Tiara Aesthetics we provide this service for clients wanting to address concerning lumps/ bumps and irregularities caused by dermal fillers. A Video demonstration of the effects of filler dissolver on dermal fillers can be seen below:

Typical areas of concern that Filler Dissolver (Hyalase) can address:

  • Lumpy/ bumpy/ irregular filler.

  • Lip filler lumps

  • Tear trough bumps and irregularities

  • Assymetrical Cheek Fillers or migrated cheek fillers

  • Return to pre-filler look in the lips, cheeks or tear troughs


Lip Lumps Dissolving - £200

Cheek Filler/ Tear Trough Dissolving - £250

Dissolving Multiple Areas - £300

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