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Celebrities- The fight to look Picture Perfect

In the era of Photoshop and filters, the idea of perfect beauty takes a twisted shape. Stars, models and other celebrities are obligated to remain attractive as part of their job and that could mean staying young and agile constantly.

The underlying notion though is, how is this possible with age progressing naturally?

1. The 'Forever Young' Factor: Celebrities and Anti-Ageing

The power of Photoshop and filters has enabled celebrities to remain young, beautiful and growing more attractive, filters in particular being a source of attractiveness even with age. The power these celebrities have to remain young, and associated with glamour remains an alluring factor for many, young and old.

2. People's Definition of Perfect Beauty

People's definition of beauty has undoubtedly seen a drastic change over the years. Scrolling through any visual medium, perfect beauty has attained an intimidating dimension. Features such as a chiseled jawline and dark curls have quickly become the definition of beauty.

3. Market Pressure and the Push to Look Young

Due to the popularity and appeal of youthful perfection, many actors and models are heavily pressured to remain looking young. The drive to remain attractive to appeal to the markets, along with ultimately staying in the public eye is intense and very real. The global beauty industry is worth almost $400 billion and continues to grow, and this is another testament to the pressure of staying attractive, young and immortal.

4. Global Standards; International Ideals

The globalization of beauty has opened a plethora of opportunities for the beauty industry to expand and mythologize the idea of perfect beauty. The influence beauty ideals have is broadly known with stringent and immutable global standards. With a majority of global beauty standards originating from the west, ideas of perfection such as a thin waist, long legs, pale and clear skin, etc. continue to become the norm in beauty and perfection.

5. Scientific Breakthroughs

With the global market pushing and mythologizing the youth factor, scientific breakthroughs have enabled celebrities to hold on to their youthful allure, looking like they just stepped out of a magazine in the heat of their career. Treatments becoming increasingly popular are procedures such as botox, dermal fillers which require minimal downtime and can look natural. Dermal fillers are longer lasting and can provide instant results therefore celebrities can maintain their youth. Other types invasive treatments such as plastic surgery do require celebrities to stay out of the spotlight with downtime and recovery.


In conclusion, the myth of celebrities not ageing at all is still very real, even if impossible. To keep up with global beauty standards and popular pressures, celebrities make use of scientific breakthroughs, Photoshop and filters. Perfect beauty, a mere idea in centuries past has been remodelled and perfected to fit with the present times and cultural hegemony. The world still looks up to celebrities for guidance and perfection and the idea of the 'forever young' effect has been perpetuated by the prevalence of these unrealistic and absurd standards.


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