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Female Jawline Enhancement

Female jawline, jawline lift, feminine jawline, jawline contour, jawline augmentation, jaw shape

  • 30 minutes
  • From 450 British pounds
  • Birmingham Branch | Leicester Branch |Reading Branch|Mayfair, London

Service Description

Female Jawline augmentation or filler can help achieve a more sculpted, structured and defined jawline. The focus of the treatment being primarily to add filler using advanced cannula techniques to shape the jawline naturally by placing high density filler on the bone. Females prefer more thinner, V-shaped jawline to help bring length to the face which can mimic desired celebrities shape like Angelina Jolie jaw shape, Keira Knightly jawline, Kim Kardashian jaw etc. Older females might notice their jawline or chin area is quite receded and this is due to ageing. As we age the bone density in the Chin and Jawline areas tends to shrink therefore looking aged. Jawline filler can help lift and add definition back to these areas to shape the jawline to how it was in your younger years. Typical areas of concern that Jawline Fillers can address: Sharpening and defining the jawline and mandibular angles. Creating a jawline in those with underformed jawline. Treating a sagging jawline that merges with the neck. Profile balancing and jawline contour, definition and jawline shape.

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