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Nefertiti Neck Lift/ Turkey Neck

Platysmal Bands treatment

  • 30 minutes
  • From 350 British pounds
  • Birmingham Branch | Leicester Branch |Reading Branch|Mayfair, London

Service Description

Anti-wrinkle neck injections treat a variety of common issues along the neck and jawline that occur as a result of the natural aging process. This includes reducing the appearance of vertical platysma bands and addressing horizontal lines and wrinkles along the entire neckline. A full anti wrinkle neck lift may also include injections along the jawline that serve to further relax the tight muscles below and smooth out the appearance of the neck, resulting in a tightened and lifted jawline. Any patient who has vertical or horizontal neck lines who believes they would benefit from an overall smoothing of the skin in that area is a good candidate for anti wrinkle neck injections.

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